Total DF Supply: 999,926,146.63


  • 25% is allocated to the Gravity Pool, which supports various incentive initiatives such as liquidity mining, staking rewards, and other community participation rewards. We will evaluate each initiative on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the amount, timing, tenor, and vesting structure. We encourage long-term, non-speculative participation and intend to incorporate a variety of factors into the distribution process. In the event that the DF tokens in the Gravity Pool are exhausted, funding will be provided by the Ecosystem and Foundation pools.

  • 25% for the Foundation, for general-purpose support of dForce, including but not limited to fundraising for development, ecosystem support, long-term incentives, and providing an alternative to fund the Gravity Pool once it is exhausted.

  • 20% for investors, advisors, and early backers.

  • 20% for the founding team and its employees via option pool.

  • 10% for the ecosystem. This allocation is intended for supporting ecosystem protocols, bootstrapping ecosystem projects, incentivizing integrated partners, funding ecosystem projects, and can be used for fundraising purposes, as well as providing an alternative source of funding for the Gravity Pool once it is exhausted.

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