Governance Process

  • Warm-up Period: All proposals are advised to be posted on dForce Forum for discussion before initiating a vote.

  • Voting Period: Each Snapshot vote shall last 72 hours.

  • Threshold: At least 50% of DF votes participated are in favor of the proposal, or it is deemed rejected. You will have to re-submit your proposal if needed.

  • Quorum: 2% of total outstanding votes.


DIP stands for dForce Improvement Plan. DF holders can put forward a DIP to launch new product, implement new features or changes, or make decisions related to the operation of the dForce.


UIP stands for Unitus Improvement Plan. While Unitus has its own utility token, UTS, the platform is currently in its early stages. As a result, Unitus is temporarily governed by the DF token until the UTS tokens are widely distributed to ensure the fairness and effectiveness of the voting process.


XIP stands for USX Improvement Plan. While there is a possibility that USX may introduce a new utility token in the future, it is currently in the bootstrapping stage. As a result, USX will be governed by the DF token until it gains strong traction and wide adoption across the wider DeFi ecosystem.

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