dForce Grants Program (DGP) is a community-driven initiative aimed at funding creative ideas put forth by the dForce community and fostering the growth of a diverse and dynamic dForce community.

The mission of the DGP is to empower developers, innovators, and community members by offering financial support, technical assistance, and consultancy to bring their visionary projects to life within the dForce network. Through this initiative, we seek to not only enhance the dForce ecosystem but also create a thriving environment where creativity, collaboration, and progress thrive. Together, we are forging the path towards a stronger, more vibrant, and interconnected dForce community, united by a common goal of pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance.

There will be two types of grants that the dForce DAO can approve:

  • Micro grants: <$5,000

  • Community grants: $5,000~$50,000

Developers and protocols can share their proposals on the forum for the dForce Grant Committee to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about dForce Grants, please read here.

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