Aggregate liquidity across different blockchains with the best price.

What is dForce Trade?

dForce Trade is a DEX aggregator integrated with Celer’s Inter-Chain Messaging (Celer IM) framework to facilitate cross-chain swap. We use algorithm to search for the best price and aggregate proper liquidity across multiple platforms and different blockchains to deliver an optimized trade.

Why should I use dForce Trade?

dForce Trade leverages an algorithm to source the best rates on both original blockchain and destination blockchain and splits users' trades to the most efficient routes while simultaneously minimizing gas fees and slippage. User experience is smoother now with optimized gas costs and one single transaction. Multiple-step processes were removed effectively.

How does it work with cross-chain swap?

Using dForce Trade, users can convert token X on Chain A to token Y on Chain B in one single transaction. For example, when a user wants to swap $ETH on Ethereum to $BNB on BNB Chain:

  • dForce Trade will simultaneously source liquidity and find the best price on Ethereum and BNB Chain, respectively.

  • To ensure the best price, dForce Trade protocol will do one of two things: 1. either swap ETH to BNB on Ethereum and bridge BNB to BNB Chain; or 2. bridge ETH to BNB Chain, and swap ETH to BNB for users.

  • There will be an estimated fee to cover fees charged by Celer for using cBridge, as well as gas fees incurred on BNB Chain.

  • Gas fees on Ethereum are going to be paid by the user directly (exclusive in the estimated fee charges).

  • dForce Trade will execute all steps in a fully non-custodial manner.

How do you charge fees for using dForce Trade?

  • For cross-chain swaps:

There is an estimated fee for using Celer's cBridge to facilitate cross-chain swaps, as well as gas fees associated with the trade on the destination blockchain. dForce doesn't charge any fee on top of that.

  • For non-cross-chain swaps:

dForce charges 0% fee for all trades incurred on the same blockchain.

How to use dForce Trade?

Click here for a hands-on guide on how to use dForce Trade.

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