Lock-up Staking

Lock-up staking

DF holders can choose a lock-up period for staking from 1 week up to 4 years. There will be no time decay during the lock-up period (the veDF balance holds constantly throughout the selected period), with weightings determined by selected lock-up period:

  • 1-year: 100 free staked DF for 25 veDF

  • 2-year: 100 free staked DF for 50 veDF

  • 3-year: 100 free staked DF for 75 veDF

  • 4-year: 100 free staked DF for 100 veDF

The veDF balance will remain unchanged and won’t get diluted before you unstake - even after a lock-up period expires. However, veDF holders will receive Free Staking rewards (lower yield) with the same level of voting weights as lock-up participants (voting weight remains unchanged) upon expiration of lock-up. Please note that you will not be entitled to any staking reward as well as veDF voting weights after you exit from the Lock-up Staking.

All DF purchased from the secondary market (with fee incomes etc) will be distributed to veDF holders (lock-up stakers).

DF holders participating in Free Staking will receive DF as reward which is claimable on per block basis, whilst those participating in Lock-up Staking will receive sDF as reward claimable at any time.

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