dForce Trade

Instant swap of stable assets.

Which assets are available on dForce Trade?

We support swaps between most of the widely adopted stablecoins including USDx, USDT, HUSD, BUSD, USDC, PAX, TUSD, DAI, or between ERC20 BTC assets, including HBTC, WBTC.

How do you calculate exchange rates?

Exchange rate is based on real-time price of each asset. We mediate rates from various sources and use the mediated one to ensure competitiveness.

How do you charge for swaps?

Currently we charge no fee on dForce Trade.

Is there any trading limit?

Trading limit is subject to the liquidity available of each asset, with no limit for one single transaction.

Why do I need to sign twice for one single transaction?

For first time users, you will be required to sign twice. Once to activate the traded asset, and once to sign the transaction.

How secure is dForce Trade?

dForce Trade is a smart contract deployed on the main net of the Ethereum, with security audit conducted by PeckShield, one of the world’s best blockchain security companies. The full report is available for review through: https://github.com/dforce-network/xswap/blob/master/doc/XSwap_audit_report_2020_05_en_1_0_rc1.pdf