A cross-chain bridging tool facilitating instant and low-cost transfer of USX and DF across all supported L2s and blockchains.

What is dForce Bridge?

In order to present the earning potential of dForce to users from multiple blockchain ecosystems, dForce Bridge is launched to facilitate the bridging of $DF and $USX across all supported L2s and blockchains.

To start off, dForce partnered with Celer's cBridge to power cross-chain bridging of $DF and $USX. Moving forward, we will look for more collaborations and will introduce dForce customized bridges to facilitate cross-chain bridging of more assets in a decentralized manner, serving as general public infrastructure to power the growth of DeFi.

Stage 1 - Integration with Celer's cBridge (Launched)

Through cBridge, $DF and $USX tokens can be exchanged directly with each other on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and BSC in a liquidity-pool-based model with lower fees and faster transaction speeds.

The liquidity flow will be mainly powered by protocol-controlled liquidity through PDLP (approved through DIP021).

Click here for hands-on guide.

Stage 2 - Customized Bridge (Launched)

cBridge will be integrated with dForce Bridge as an underlying infrastructure to power the one-way bridging of $DF and $USX from L2 networks back to Ethereum mainnet, removing the current waiting period of seven days.

Bridging USX from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum and Optimism will be powered by dForce customized bridge in a decentralized manner, where USX minted on Ethereum will be locked in a smart contract with the equivalent amount of USX minted on Arbitrum (or Optimism) to maintain 1:1 peg.

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