What is dForce Trade?

dForce Trade is a DEX aggregator utilizing algorithm to search for the best trading price and aggregate proper liquidity across multiple platforms to deliver an optimized trade.
Currently, dForce Trade has been integrated with 8 DEXes on Ethereum, including Uniswap, Curve, Sushiswap, Balancer, Kyber, Oasis, S.Finance, Unisave, with almost 100% coverage of ERC20 token trades.
On Binance Smart Chain, dForce Trade has been integrated with Pancake V1 & V2, MDEX, Unisave.

Why should I use dForce Trade?

You can use one dashboard to trade across multiple decentralized platforms to get the best price and the deepest liquidity, while retaining complete control over your funds as well as a high level of privacy.

Features of dForce Trade?

    Decentralization. dForce Trade operates in a decentralized manner to enable the exchange of token ownership in a trustless, transparent, and easy manner.
    Best Price and Liquidity. Trades will be split across exchanges, or through multi-routing to minimize slippage and liquidity issues.
    Gas optimization. dForce Trade has integrated GasToken (GST) which can effectively smooth out the price of gas.

How to use dForce Trade?

    Connect your Ethereum wallet.
    Enter the name of the asset you wish to trade with on the left-hand side.
    Enter the name of the asset you wish to trade for on the right-hand side, and you will be able to see the amount of asset you should expect to receive.
    You can re-set price slippage and gas fee from the bottom bar.
    Click on 'Swap' to continue.
    Confirm the transaction from your Ethereum wallet.
    Once transaction is completed, your desired token will be sent to your wallet automatically.

How do you calculate exchange rates?

Exchange rate is based on real-time price of each asset. We mediate rates from various sources and use the mediated one to ensure the best price.

How do you charge for token swaps?

Currently we charge no fee on dForce Trade (exclusive of gas fees for using the network of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain).

Is there any swap limit?

Swap limit is subject to the liquidity available of each asset supported on DEXes integrated with dForce Trade, with no limit for each transaction.

Why do I need to sign twice for one single transaction?

For first time users, you will be required to sign twice. Once to activate the traded asset, and once to sign the transaction.
Last modified 3mo ago